Financial and Capital Market Communication

M&A Communication

The purchase and sale of a company, subsidiary or investment can have far reaching financial and strategic implications and a sizable impact on the valuation and business prospects of companies.

We support our clients in successfully communicating benefits and value creation of M&A transactions and meet legal requirements for transparency and shareholder protection. We actively address potential concerns of capital markets, media, employees, political decision makers and regulatory authorities, supporting a smooth and successful M&A process and laying the foundation for future integration.

Breidenstein + Krüger has a long track record of hands-on personal experience with numerous M&A transactions, ranging from hostile situations, defense, auctions, cross boarder deals and debt equity swaps as well as transactions of non-listed companies.

Private Equity

Fundraising, deal sourcing, auction or exit: the reputation of private equity investors plays a decisive role in such competitive situations. Stakeholders and decision makers need to be convinced that value will be created in a responsible fashion.

We have more than 20 years’ experience in positioning and supporting PE investors of all sizes in the German market and providing communications support for their transactions. In doing so, we function as strategic communications advisers and external press office.
We also provide communications support to PE portfolio companies, spanning from the auction process, corporate and management repositioning, communications, restructuring and crisis PR to the successful exit of the sponsor.

Activist Investors

Activist investors have found attractive targets in Germany. They frequently employ tactical communications to exert pressure on managements and unsettle shareholders and stakeholders.

Breidenstein + Krüger supports companies and their managements to be prepared for possible attacks by activists and defend themselves with strong arguments. We help our clients sharpen their equity story and implement communications channels and mechanisms for an ongoing dialogue with all relevant stakeholders. We support managements to convince their audiences that they are acting in the best interest of the firm and its investors and stakeholders and create sustainable value by defending the company against short-term interests of individual investors.

Corporate Communications

Reputation Management • CEO Positioning

Crisis & Special Situations

Crisis Communications • Litigation PR • Corporate and Financial Restructuring