Corporate Communications

Reputation Management

Corporate communications are an essential vehicle for building and protecting the corporate reputations of enterprises which can be a competitive advantage when it comes to valuation, marketing and recruiting. On the other hand, a damaged reputation can have serious repercussions.

At Breidenstein+Krüger we believe that the purpose of strategic communications is to build credibility with all stakeholders and protect and enhance the corporate reputation. To achieve this, we cooperate closely with in-house communications teams and top managements to develop and implement consistent and effective communication strategies. Our expertise spans from analysis and strategy development to implementation, including taking the function of external spokesperson.

CEO Positioning

The rapidly growing importance of social media has changed the role of CEO communication. Requirements for transparency, the speed with which news travel and the need for precision require careful preparation and active management of the reputation of top managers.

We work closely with CEOs and top managers to help them utilized a wide variety of communication channels to convey their strategy and values to their stakeholders and the broader public. We carefully tailor style and intensity of the program to the personality of the individuals as well as the reputation and messaging of the company they represent. The goal is always to optimize their reputation and empower them at all times.

Financial and Capital Market Communication

M&A Communication • Private Equity • Activist Investors

Crisis & Special Situations

Crisis Communications • Litigation PR • Corporate and Financial Restructuring