Crisis and Special Situations

Crisis Communications

Nothing can destroy a corporate reputation as quickly and massively as a crisis – with potentially serious and far reaching economic consequences. Targeted communication can play a decisive role in de-escalating crisis situations. At Breidenstein+Krüger we have extensive experience in successfully managing and controlling communications in critical situations, ranging from financial performance, active shareholders, unexpected management changes, product crisis, employee protests and labour disputes to complex capital markets transactions such as debt equity swaps and hostile takeovers.

We help our clients to keep communications channels open at all times during a crisis and respond quickly in a difficult and changing environment. We help set up communications structures and rapid response mechanisms in critical situations and streamline the flow of vital information to all relevant stakeholders. We are experienced in working closely with management, communications departments and external advisors such as lawyers and bankers, and function as external press spokespeople in a wide range of crisis situations.

Litigation PR

In the age of social media the presumption of innocence can quickly be undermined. Anonymity and speed of electronic media can rapidly escalate situations making it virtually im-possible to control them. Rumors spread through social or traditional media channels can lead to prejudgment and damage the reputation of managers and companies – with potentially serious business implications. Frequently, information and legal files are leaked to the press. Lawyers, accused persons, plaintiffs and active shareholders are often leveraging the media for their own purposes.

We help our clients protect their reputation in legal disputes and use on and off-the-record communication to help them protect their interests vis-à-vis important stakeholders such as investors, customers, employees or the political establishment. These target groups expect to be supplied with reliable background information. With our experience in litigation communication we cooperate closely with legal advisors and journalists and ensure that communication goes hand in hand with the legal strategy.

Corporate and Financial Restructuring

Restructuring often requires the support of stakeholders who stand to suffer financial losses. Employees, investors, creditors and politicians have to be convinced to make sizable contributions to the survival and prospects of the company. Negotiations are often accompanied by public debates as individual parties use the media to their advantage.

With our extensive experience in communications around complex restructurings we can support companies in achieving their goals throughout the process, convincing shareholders that their contributions are needed and well invested to secure the company’s future, fighting off unreasonable demands and protecting the reputation of the enterprise. A strategic approach to communications can also help throughout the corporate recovery process and in supporting the future development of the company.

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